Monday, September 9, 2019

Article # 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Article # 1 - Essay Example The article shows that fixed annual financial subscriptions are capable of sustaining HIE and at the same time ensure financial gains are realized to all the participants. From the findings of the article, it is notable that the HIE pricing approaches and recommendations will always depend on the characteristics of the study. The modeling approach can be effective and applicable to different populations. This offers useful insights for the pricing policies and the implementation guidelines to promote recommendations for proper financial allocations. The article explore an analytical approach to ensure the societal savings have been quantified for effective health information exchange thereby making it applicable in designing policies and best incentives for a sustainable HIE. The study is effective because it offers effective approaches and knowledge of the major ideas and concepts that can be adopted towards the realization of the best health information exchange. This will help to promote the best health financial allocations and decisions thereby making the process successful. The quality of the information is significant towards better health coordination and financial management. Different societies can find the discussion in the article relevant for effective financial management and better HIEs. Sridhar, S., Flatley, P., Wright S. & Robinson, S. (2012). Optimizing financial effects of HIE: A multi-party linear programming approach. Journal of American Medical Information Association. Available at

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